Amanda Palmer: Naked and Hairy!

The punk cabaret princess, Amanda Palmer, of the Dresden Dolls, who also has her solo performance–really needs to invest in a Gillette Mach3! Us girls are all guilty of being a bit prickly and such during the winter or in between waxings, but his shit is just hairy! I wonder if she’s French???

Apparently she tweeted these pics! For all you pervs into the hairy fetish, there’s quite the collection of Miss Palmer’s nude pics here.



17 thoughts on “Amanda Palmer: Naked and Hairy!

  1. Mr. Name

    I would do amanda 100 times and when I’m done I’ll try to lick off her armpit hair even though I know it won’t work and all the better because I like it.

  2. earl

    saw her speak at a graduation this weekend and the whole time i just wanted her to take that robe off. then i came home, googled her, and then jerked off to her awesome set of 25 nude pics. go amanda! and in a funny coincidence last week i read one if her husband’s comic books

  3. Vitor Marinho

    My congratulations, Amanda.
    A woman without prejudices and not needing to please common-sense stupidities like “women must shave” and other nonsenses.
    People must BE. Be themselves. Be ourselves.
    No need to please with fake things. That’s FRAUD. FAKE.
    Want synthetic people? Fake ones? I don’t.
    Amanda, my RESPECT!

  4. Anthony

    I think she’s fucking sexy personaly. You see, you have to find the beauty in the human body. And I dont think shaving or bigger tits matters. It’s also not about being naked. It’s art, and we should critisize her body .You dont pick the imperfections of the monalisa. She’s so talented and beautiful. Im glad she proud. Most people dont have this kind of confidence.

  5. Hornyfool

    I love ’em hairy. Sooo SExY!!! Esp the pusois!! (pronounced Pusswah for the ignorent out there)Something about that black triangle…gets me hard.

  6. Max

    I remember her when she was 17 miming Legendary Pink Dots at Man Ray in Cambridge. Next thing I know she’s a star. With muses like Kurt Weill and Edward Ka Spel, I had high hopes for Dresden Dolls…but nooooo! She has degenerated into the solipsistic cliterati of arrested adolescent sex that dominates female celebrity today. In other words, she’s Britney Speares with a ukulele and black lipstick. Don’t get me wrong, I’d give anything for a weekend in a hot tub with Amanda…but she’s a spent force creatively. I hope she didn’t bed Ka Spel.

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  8. holyguyver

    technically it would not be a hairy fetish as she does not have a beard, nor a treasure trail nor chest hair, so actually it would be for those who have an appreciation for women in their natural state, so it would be for men who like real adult women & not little girls you bunch of hair hating pedos.

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