Best Hot vs Not Photos of 2010

We’ve traveled high and far in 2010 to bring you some of the most shocking, hottest and nastiest Hot vs. Not photos! Some may piss off the ultra-sensitive, while others may get you hot and bothered. It’s all fun and games here, so don’t get your chonies in a bunch!


It’s should be against the law to run your errands dressed like this on NYE! A mesh shirt, pot belly, running shoes and dude didn’t even bother to throw his pants on over his crusty Joe Boxers … oh lord.

American Apparel Rejects

American Apparel said “no” to them. But we said “Yes!” … um, sure, why not?


How big you guys (and girls) really like them? Less is more, go big or go home? Dang! These bad girls are bigger than my head! I’m suddenly craving watermelon…

Jersey Shore or Newport Beach?

In so many ways. Newport Beach, California is the same as the Jersey Shore. They both have the same douche bags wearing Affliciton and bedazzled jeans over some fake-and-baked orange skin. However, this photo was taken three years ago and Jersey is just barely making Affliciton popular amongst guidos across the Garden State. Thanks to MTV’s pitiful “Jersey Shore,” we know this.


When you think of pasties, usually bruised up, weathered strippers come to mind. Or those lame ass bro-hoe Havasu river rats. But there ain’t nothing trashy about this cute gal and her pasties. She’s adorable!


Two very confused and two very horribly styled kids. Well, I guess you won’t get anywhere unless you TRYHARD!

Shredding Leggings

It looks like Jaws shredded up her leggings. Goes to show a chick this hot would even give a shark a boner!

Hoes and Housewives

One of the funniest parts of Coachella, if you get there a day before the event is the whack ass Palm Springs locals. But really, can you make a hoe into a housewife????

Grizzly Bear

I don’t know about you, but I just want to give this rotund fuzzball a GREAT big hug!

Booty Undercarriage

And I thought my first shot of the chick’s backside was a good one until my friend Chad grabbed my camera and got me a REAL shot. Check out the undercarriage on this chick! Oh my! Is that a tampon string?

Saggy Boobs

…. I think I just vomited a little in my mouth. Actually, I did. Who on earth finds this pasty, veiny, fat-saggy-pair of boobs attractive?

Dirty Diaper Hippy

Hell, at least the dude’s prepared for some major Jager leaks with that diaper he’s wearing. Dam dirty hippies …

Oakland Booty With an Orange County Face

Oh no! Home girl done-gone wore her night clothes during the day! Either that or she’s still rolling through from the night before. Although her man looks like one of the hubbies on the The Real Housewives of New Jersey, this chick looks like a reject from The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Thanks for the photo Nina!

The quote “I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you walk away” does not apply here.

Goofy Hipster Fashionistas

Recently coming back from a 10-day vacation through the Caribbean and Central America, one of the MANY things I did not miss about LA, were the annoying hipsters and tryhards that drench the streets of East LA with a poser stench so strong you can’t help but gag as they sloth by you. I wonder what they were posing five years ago? I must admit though, I did dress like this at one point in my life: but that was in ’89.


They may be small, but pretty much anytime you can sneak a lil boob (pun intended) or nipple into the mix, we’re always gonna think it’s hot. Duh. Hmmm, I wonder if she knew people could see her mosquito bites?

Ding Dongs & Socks

It’s almost as bad as a dude having sex with his socks on. But it’s not cause this old fart’s exposed member, ankle socks and New Balances are just god-awful. Only in San Francisco ….

Hot Chicks with Douches

Don’t they have a Web site dedicated to hot girls dating douche bags? What the hell is this lil cutie and her Chewbacca-Smurf-boots doing with this lame ass looking dude and his whack ass shirt? He probably borrowed it from one of the dude’s on the “Jersey Shore.” *sigh

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5 thoughts on “Best Hot vs Not Photos of 2010

  1. Erin

    Dude, “Mesh” looks like my creepy uncle Frank. Scary! I’d totally bang shreddy leggings too! (and I’m a chick!)

  2. Jenni J.

    LOVE IT!!! LMAO! Oakland Booty With An Orange County Face takes the gold for me. And not just because of the clever Sir Mix A Lot title twist.

  3. Justin

    Holy shit! This made my day. Where the hell do you find these people? Shredding Leggins and Pasties … hotness

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