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Grimy TV Interview with Pangea band
Grimy T.V. Interview with Together Pangea

Awe yeeeeeah … We get  a lil dirty with the men of Together Pangea on our latest Grimy T.V. interview. We talk sex (and who knew that some of them would be such sweet “lovers”), spicy water, “eating out,” the real definition of “treble and bass”, and much more! Also, if you look closely, you […]

Grimy T.V. Interview with Kitten
Grimy T.V. Interview with Kitten

Check out our Grimy T.V. interview with the very young (but legal) and talented, Kitten. We get grimy and talk about psychedelics, first concerts, wild tour stories and obsessed fans, new music and videos, and much more. Kitten have an upcoming show at the El Rey Theatre on Sept. 5 with CHARLI XCX. Buy your […]

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Grimy TV Interview Fools Gold
Grimy T.V. Interview with Fool’s Gold

Grimy T.V. got deep, down and personal with the lovely men of Fool’s Gold. The guys shared some very interesting stuff with us that you might not have ever known otherwise. We talk female crushes, first kisses, space-cake, marijuana gummybears, and their forthcoming album. Press play and check out the Grimy T.V. interview below with Fool’s Gold! Grimy […]

Grimy TV Interview with Obliterations
Grimy T.V. Interview with Obliterations (and the Obliterations Ghost Whisperer)

Well, this is a first! Grimy T.V. interviews Obliterations, a hardcore punk band out of Los Angles featuring members of Black Mountain, Saviours, Bluebird, Night Horse and Pink Mountaintops —these guys have a raw raucous sound that we don’t recommend for the faint of heart. Check out this weird interview with Obliterations and the “Obliterations […]

Grimy TV Tapioca and the Flea Interview photo
Grimy T.V. Interview with Tapioca and the Flea

Grimy Goods gets silly with another awesome local act out of Los Angeles, Tapioca and the Flea. These skater-boy-musicians are hilarious! We talk L.A. bars, sex, manginas, sexting, and even Justin Bieber … uh, yeah — and some other weird stuff. The interview gets pretty crazy, but just keep in mind, no sheep were harmed […]

Grimy T.V. Interview with Bleached — Babes and Hotdogs!

Here’s our second installment of our new Grimy T.V. interviews. This time we have our special guest host, Allysun Maria Dutra, designer and owner of L.A. couture label Kittinhawk handling all the Q & A’s. Watch Allysun get grimy with the rad ladies of Bleached! The Clavin sisters bare all in this interview and reveal their male band crushes, who they […]

Grimy TV Interview with the Dead Ships
Grimy T.V. Interview with the Dead Ships — Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll

A few weeks ago at the Jubilee Music & Arts Festival, we got Grimy with one of L.A.’s best local talents, the Dead Ships. These East Side boys let it all out on Grimy T.V. We pretty much talk sex, drug and rock ‘n’ roll (and Sour Patch Kids). Press play and check out all […]

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