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New Music: Brooklyn’s SIDEASIDEB shine with brooding and beautiful experimental shoegaze

For those that love the marriage between post-punk and dream-pop, you’ll dig on the aurally pleasing sounds of Brooklyn’s experimental group, SIDEASIDEB. The band led by Matthew Sire (vocals, production) and Christopher Ray Nunez (guitars, bass, arrangements) just released their EP Evergreen Rust this past May and it’s quite the lovely listen. With soothing melodies […]

Recommended: Michael Rault “Living Daylight” — a lovesick record full of infectious garage and vintage power pop

As the last kiss of spring dries out and you sit dreaming of summer backyard bar-b-q-s, you should really plug-in and take a listen to Michael Rault’s debut full-length Living Daylight to get yourself in the summer frame of mind. Rault comes from our neighborhood to the north, Canada, wearing high top old skool vans […]

Anne Marie Schiefer |
jacco gardner
Jacco Gardner “Hypnophobia” — a master blend of vintage reminiscing and contemporary styling

Photo by Nick Helderman As I put my ear buds in to let the music fill my ears I am instantly transported. I am walking down a street in Paris on a blissfully beautiful spring day. The sun warms my face as I watch people sip coffee, eat crepes and whiz past me on bicycles. […]

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Recommended: Fool’s Gold New Album “Flying Lessons” & Interview with Luke Top

Whittled down to a quartet, Los Angeles Afro-pop infused indie outfit Fool’s Gold, may have the least amount of band members than ever before but they are really getting down to the good stuff, the cream filling if you will, of their unique sound. Their third album, Flying Lessons (ORG Music), is scheduled for a limited release […]

Will Butler
Recommended: Will Butler rises from Arcade Fire shadows with stellar solo debut ‘Policy’

Though he plays a complementary role in the massive success of his band the Arcade Fire, the younger Butler sibling steps out of the shadow of his older brother Win, to great things on his debut solo album Policy. While he plays keyboards and sometimes drummer for the world renowned band, he shows in his […]

Tomas Pagan Motta album
Recommended: Tomás Pagán Motta shines on debut solo album

Often times, solo records from lead singers are problematic. Often losing the chemistry that made a band special is lost and often times, a vocalist free from compromise make self indulgent records that lose the things that made them great. For a few years now, Singer/songwriter Tomás Pagán Motta has been making professional but less than […]

With their new album “Control”, Milo Greene ditch folk for pop with mixed results

In the future, published work deconstructing the indie years by whatever contemporary author most appropriately embodies Chuck Klosterman (Working title: Festivals, Molly and Polka Dots,) there will be a chapter entitled “What Mumford & Sons Hath Wrought.” That chapter will, among other things, try to pinpoint when Mumford was excitingly relevant (Tiny Desk Concert, Little […]

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Fall in Love with Sleater-Kinney’s New Album “No Cities to Love”

Indie rock trio Sleater-Kinney last left listeners with the spectacularly dark, edgy and gut-wrenching album The Woods back in 2005, before they went on an indefinite hiatus the following year. Some of the band’s riot-grrl rooted previous releases like Dig Me Out and The Hot Rock had already been on the peripherals of my musical radar. […]

Hot Band Alert: From Los Angeles, listen to Rosechild’s debut EP Remedies

Los Angeles-based alternative rock band Rosechild has released their debut EP, titled Remedies. There’s a certain enjoyable ’90s alt-rock sound to this four-piece band. Only three songs in length, Rosechild’s first EP leaves you wanting more. The songwriting is superb and lead singer Haile Meirow’s voice is reminiscent of ’80s and ’90s rockers Edie Brickell (particularly […]

Temples Sun Structures
Staff Picks: Grimy Goods Best Albums of 2014

Sandra Burciaga — Founder / Editor-In-Chief 1. Death From Above 1979 — The Physical World (Last Gang Records / Warner Bros Records) It wasn’t an easy feat to get Sebastien Granier and Jesse F. Keeler back together to perform again, let alone cut another album, but I am so glad that they did. This new album […]

Listen to Henry Wolfe’s new EP “Encino” — smooth and easy listening

In a 2012 interview with Metro, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Henry Wolfe noted that modern music plays a very limited role in his life. When listening to his new EP Encino, his first release in three years, it is obvious he draws influence from music of yesteryear. From the opening moments of the title track, I […]

Joshua Worden
Recommended Album: Joshua Worden – “Into Fog”

Album Review by  Ziv Biton Thirty seconds into Joshua Worden’s newest release, Into Fog, it is clear that this is a far more electronic affair than his previous output. A sped up hi-hat clips at Trap speed and bursts of synths sprinkle the mix like auditory fireworks. It sounds like a starry night sky blinking a […]

Ziv Biton |
Album Preview: Damien Rice’s “My Favourite Faded Fantasy” gets the Rick Rubin treatment

Something as powerful and emotionally taxing as Damien Rice’s first new material in eight years shouldn’t be something that you can access via Spotify. It just feels wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I love Spotify. It is one of the only unnecessary bills I pay monthly. But Rice’s single “I Don’t Want to Change You” […]

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