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female fashion icons in music
Top 5 Female Fashion Icons in Music

This is not going to contain meat dresses or self-proclaimed “fierce” “divas,” not only because those chicks are clattered down with 72 stylists to just take a stroll in the park, but also because who cares? Talk about well-worn territory. 2013 style is not only generally pretty boring, but simultaneously gratuitously self-congratulatory. It’s my professional […]

Bridezilla EP – Album Review

Delivering beautiful music filled with luscious breathy vocals and a delicate yet powerful orchestration of sound, Australian quintet Bridezilla, is set to release their EP in September. Already nearing completion of their highly anticipated LP, Bridezilla has played alongside Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, The Dirty Three and Sia. In the emotionally powerful track […]

GrimyGoods’ Top 10 Albums for the First Half of 2009

Damn! Only half-way through the year and so many great musicians have put out some killer albums! It was far too hard just to keep it at five albums, so I had to bump it to 10 and even that was tough. I can’t wait to see what the latter half of 2009 has in […]

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“Voltaic” by Bjork – Album Review

Bjork’s new album, “Voltaic” off Nonesuch was played non-stop on my iPod the past couple days. Filled with an awesome mix of eclectic beats and soundscapes, Bjork holds true to her avant-garde style for which we all know her for. Sifting you through different moods and emotions through out her strong, expressive vocals, you won’t […]

“Bitte Orca” by The Dirty Projectors

Brooklyn indie band, The Dirty Projectors has been creating a hott buzz in the indie music circuit. Their new album “Bitte Orca” is quite the experimental feat led by Dave Longstreth. The album explodes a plethora of unique sounds and genres fit to deliver an outstanding album. It’s like a working combo of R&B and […]