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Underworld kick off first day of summer at Hollywood Bowl with thrilling performance

For most long time aficionados of electronic music, when you hear the acronym “EDM,” you tend to cringe. Visions of bros fist-pumping to Skrillex at Electric Daisy Carnival fill the mind and make for a tainted perception of electronic dance music. Well, before “EDM” and before the electronic dance music culture became a button-pushing game, […]

Kraftwerk Walt Disney Concert Hall photos
Photos & Live Review: Kraftwerk at Walt Disney Concert Hall (Autobahn)

Photo: Peter Boettcher These guys are the architects of electronic music, or as the “Lego Movie” would say, Kraftwerk are the Master Builders of electronic music. Kicking off their highly anticipated string of performances at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, last night Kraftwerk took fans and newcomers on a spectacular aural history of electronic music. […]