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Skate 2 Official Roster

Not only has the official soundtrack to Electronic Arts’ heavily anticipated Skate 2 been released, but so has the official line-up! Cardiel, Marc Johnson, Chris Haslam, Braydong Szafranski, Dennis Buzenits, and MORE! Check out the teaser below introducing all the pros featured in this game. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGvigK4XczE]

EA's SKATE 2 has Evolved

For all you thrashers and nerdy gamers, Electronic Arts and Black Box unveiled SKATE 2 last Thursday in San Francisco and apparently it’s fuckin surreal. Its evolved in many ways, such as now you can actually get off your board and navigate through San Vanelona in a crazy way. Climb those stairs and grind that […]

"Skate It" on Nintendo Wii

I’m not too much of a fan of video games, because I think they consume the lives of others, but some are pretty cool and worth the occasional fun. However, I once dated a guy that was a lil too into World of Warcraft and it messed shit up numerous times. Well, at least it […]