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Coachella fashion photos
Coachella 2014 Fashion Photos: From haute looks, to your typical novelty fans

Our 2014 Coachella fashion photos are in! What to wear at Coachella? If your fashion game is not up to par and you’re attending weekend two of Coachella, we got you covered. From haute looks to WTF fashion, check out below what Coachella festival-goers wore to weekend one of the festival. No matter what your […]

queens of the stone age coachella photos2
Coachella 2014 Photos: Lorde, Pixies, Nas with special guest Jay-Z and more

Day two photos of Coachella 2014 are now ready for your eyes to see. Saturday’s heavy winds and dust storms did not stop the music. Daytime performers such as Graveyard, Temples, and Ty Segall ripped through their afternoon sets bestowing their incredible live energy onto their fans. Coachella attendees absorbed all this musical energy and […]

coachella party photos
Hot vs Not: When the Jersey Shore comes to Coachella

Coachella fashion week is upon us, and while that means some very amazing fashion, it also calls for some super douchey fashion (and people). The boys on the right have some fun style, but the Jersey Shore rejects on the left should leave their furry boots, steroids, gold chains, and tribal tattoos in dirty Jerz. […]

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kanye west douche photo
Biggest Music Douches of 2013

The music industry has a plethora of douche bags, but some truly stand out with their outrageous personalities. After doing some fine crowd-sourcing, we came up with a list of the biggest music douches of 2013. Yes, there’s plenty more names that should be on this list, but the five musicians below are the crème […]