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anderson paak
Must-See Coachella Undercard: Anderson .Paak

Oxnard rapper Anderson .Paak is poised to have a monster 2016 — and it couldn’t be happening to a harder-working guy. Paak is part black and part Korean, giving him a different viewpoint from many within his genre. His 2016 album Malibu is one of the year’s best so far and much of the lyrical content of […]

10 Best Coachella 2016 Niche Bookings

One of the things that makes Coachella special compared to every other festival is their ability to step outside of the box with their bookings. With more than 150 total acts on the lineup, they’re able to pull from niche genres that don’t get a lot of mainstream love without compromising the amount of name-recognition talent […]

meg myers
An interview with Meg Myers: figuring things out as she goes along

Meg Myers has long been on our radars as an up-and-coming musician in the alt-rock scene, particularly as she’s made her ascent while living in Los Angeles. She’s drawn comparisons to acts like Alanis Morissette and Fiona Apple but in an interview we did with her last year, she told us her influences were more […]

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ryn weaver
Out from under the microscope: an interview with rising pop-star Ryn Weaver

Last June, a song exploded in the music blogosphere that had tons of people asking one question: Who the f*ck is Ryn Weaver? When the wildly addictive “OctaHate” arrived on the scene last year, there was very little information out there on the talented singer-songwriter behind the track. Now almost a year-and-a-half later, the 23-year-old […]

From Spain with love: an interview with HINDS — playing The Echo on October 16

  Spanish four-piece HINDS (fka Deers) first burst into America at this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW), playing more than a dozen shows over the course of that week in Austin. I discovered the band while doing research for my first SXSW — their song “Bamboo” caught my attention immediately — and somehow didn’t manage […]

wolf alice
Interview with Wolf Alice, the UK’s latest and greatest fast-rising rock band

It was only 9 months ago that we saw rising UK rockers Wolf Alice making their LA debut at School Night at Bardot. Their headlining set was one of the more anticipated of the weekly free with RSVP series as patrons packed into the small frat-house-like venue despite some anti-LA weather. “I remember it like […]

Catfish and bottlemen
Interview with Catfish and the Bottlemen: On their way to stadium rockers

There’s this sense in indie rock with a lot of bands that they’re not out to conquer the world, that they’re too cool to outright say they desire to play to the biggest crowds out there. With UK outfit Catfish and the Bottlemen, they’ve been vocal about their desire to play massive stadiums and blow up […]

An interview with Blackalicious’ Chief Xcel: Faith brings first new record in a decade

“Never let life’s troubles block your flow. Have faith and keep where you’re trying to go, like a winding river in search of the ocean, you must keep your faith in motion.” Those are the opening words from “Faith” off Imani Vol. 1 (off the label OGM) – which came out last week – the first […]

6 Early-Day Can’t Miss Life is Beautiful Acts

Ryn Weaver In just its first two years, Las Vegas’ downtown music festival, Life Is Beautiful has served as the proving grounds for a number of acts that have gone on to mainstream success in the time since. In its first year in 2013, acts like HAIM, ZZ Ward, Charli XCX, Twenty-one Pilots and Robert […]

Hot Band Alert: With Phases, ‘there’s just no ego anymore’

  Los Angeles indie pop band Phases — formerly known as Jjamz — is comprised of four people that have all been involved in music for most of their lives. Z Berg (The Like), Jason Boesel (Rilo Kiley/Bright Eyes), Alex Greenwald (Phantom Planet), and Michael Runion have enjoyed varying degrees of success but currently find […]

Interview with Wavves — new album V, acid trips, LA shows and more

Earlier this summer, I saw San Diego garage punk rockers Wavves perform a highly spirited set at Atlanta’s Shaky Knees Music Festival. It was quite a sight to see as I never saw so many full $8 beers being tossed in the air in pure jubilation. That’s the kind of excitement these guys jolt out of […]

An Interview with Kitten’s Chloe Chaidez: connecting with fans on all levels

It’s hard to comprehend that Chloe Chaidez, aka Kitten, is just 20 years of age. What isn’t difficult to understand is why Chaidez is so comfortable on stage and known for delivering high energy live shows, given the fact she’s been performing for half of her life. Much has been made about her young age, […]

How subscription service Jukely can start the live music revolution

About a month or so ago, I saw news begin to appear that a “Netflix for concerts” was about to kick off in Los Angeles. As someone who went to 100 concerts last year, my interest was obviously piqued immediately. Enter Jukely Unlimited. After trying the idea out in New York City, it officially launched […]