Kick Rocks Omarion …

So I’m flippin through the tube to catch a flick. “Oh cool,” I happily say to myself. “This movie sounds like fun.” It was a horror movie called “Somebody Help Me.” Oddly enough it was on the BET channel. Not to pigeon hole black actors/actresses but they’re usually not in so many horror flicks. Nonetheless, I’m stoked and immediately change the channel only to change it back to the preview channel the moment I saw his annoying face. The boy band wonder, Omarion. You know how there are some people that just annoy the shit out you? Well he does it for me! The boy sure can dance, but I just wanna give him a stiletto kick in the ass everytime I see his face!

I interviewed his cocky ass for a magazine I used to write for and he just made me laugh: not with him, but secretly in my head, at him. Hey Omarion, whatever happened to that “reality series” you were supposed to have on MTV? And good luck owning a basketball team one day!


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