The Battle of the Tryhards

It always amuses me seeing all these kids just barely out of their teens reviving the 60’s and 70’s rock era when Zappa and Captain Beefheart were playing with numerous rock genres. And when I speak of these kids, for the most part they are girls that probably were never really into some of the musicians they claim to love until some guy they dated introduced them to it. In fact, I bet you they were obsessed with Fall Out Boy and Sum 41 just a few years ago.

However, I’m sure there’s few true rock n roll connoisseurs who grew up with parents that instilled this music in them such as my Father did. To this day my dad still plays “name that tune” with me whenever I come home for a visit. And man! I can’t tell you how great it is to finally beat the old man and tell him “Naw, Dad, that’s Jefferson Starship.”

So between my Dad and his love for all things that rock, from Chuck Berry, ? and The Mysterians, to CCR and the Rolling Stones, I had my bases covered with good ole rock n roll. Not to mention 3 older brothers with a variety of tastes. My eldest, who is now 36 was all into new wave and grew heavy into the early rave/electronic scene back in the late 80’s. Names like The Cure and Kraftwerk were second nature to me. In elementary school I would sport my black and white striped knee-highs (which are now popular) in the fourth grade while humming The Cure’s “Love Cats”across the playground. I attribute most of my punk rock to my other two brothers who got me into Screeching Weasel, Minor Threat and the Descendants at an early age. However, my eldest did also tune me into the likes of The Ramones and The Clash. I guess you can say I was a walking record shop, just absorbing all the music surrounding me. It probably explains my all over the board tastes in music.

I think it’s great when kids understand and love the music early on, but I hate all these tryhards. They swear they are fans of The Doors, The Stooges, Dylan, Cash, the Dolls, MC5, Roky Erickson, Blue Cheer — must I go on? I think you get my drift. Yet they didn’t know shit about these legends until they suddenly got popular again in recent years. These musicians are now emblazoned on clothing, shoes, skateboards, and any other profitable medium. There’s no doubt that these musicians are phenomenal and worthy of such notoriety, but chances are most people are into it because it is currently the “hip” thing. They’re like shape shifters; picking up a musical genre and forming themselves to fit into it. One year their gangster rap and the next they’re all metaled out.

Or what most recently cracks me up is all the stupid emo kids who are trying to transcend into a different musical style now that their good for nothing scene is dying out. I bet they’re deleting all their old mypace photos of plastered black hair and eyeliner.

I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t claim to love a certain type of music cause it’s currently labeled as “cool.” People see right through that shit, or at least I do. Love the music you love no matter what anyone thinks. Shit, I’m know for having an amazing collection of rock n roll, encompassing all sub genres, needless to say, other parts of my collection my friends hate. I can’t help if I like Justin Timberlake, the man’s talented! But I sure as hell don’t try to front, or hide my likes and neither should you. If you’re suddenly turned onto something that is new to you and it sticks, then more power to you. We all start somewhere. Just don’t be a harmony hopper, jumping from one hot genre to the next.

So all you “tryhards,” why don’t you stick to listening to Clear Channel’s radio stations and viewing MTV. Cause your fake passion for goode ole rock n roll ain’t true and no myspace bullshit or Wikipedia research can amount to the who truly love it; always have and ain’t plannin on straying away from it.

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