Big Beautiful Natural Boobs Pt. 1

Now I’ve made out with a chick here and there, what “normal,” fun loving girl hasn’t? But I don’t full on dike out with chicks, nor expect to any time in the near future (so don’t get your hopes up boys).

I will say this however, boobs are a beautiful thing. Call em as you like; boobs, titts, hooters, tigolebitties, juggs, melons, knockers, suck sucks, fun bags, cans, pump ups, etc. Please feel free to jump in here at anytime … They are very nice and I can appreciate a good set of natural titts on a woman, maybe cause I possess them myself. Regardless or not, it’s such a beautiful feminine feature of a woman and “they are very nice.”

Well as I was entering the locker room of my gym today (where many a good looking people go), I was suddenly cornered by a beautiful, in tact pair of some large double D’s! Hard nipples and all. I couldn’t help but stare! And the chick was like in like her 40’s! I so wanted to go up to her and be like “Wow! You have a great pair of breasts!” But I didn’t want to creep here out, so I kept my mouth shut.

This is my ode to beautiful “natural” boobies and the woman that own them. Check em out here.

Big natural boobies,naked.

4 thoughts on “Big Beautiful Natural Boobs Pt. 1

  1. Anonymous

    great boobs, but I have one word for you… FOCUS… too bad the image isn’t crystal clear, I would have used it as my wallpaper

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