Whole Lotta Lady

Listen closely to the first 15 seconds of the performance … I swear she let’s out a belch to her Nirvana intro.

[youtube= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bVXcGNOreY&feature=related]

She rocks out with the voice of a soul sista! Beth Ditto, the volumptuous front woman of the high energy rock n’ soul band, The Gossip, is one free spirited lady. I have a few of their tunes and I like em’. But after seeing a few clips of them on MTV, it makes me really want to catch them live. This girl is nuts! And I give her mad props for doing what she does, even if I think she should throw a little more clothes on. Her voice and energy is super intense, but definitely on point. But damn girl! You need to slow yo’ roll! There’s a whole lot of moving that consists of some massive shakes and unusual gyrating. She’s like a glammed up Roseanne Barr with the voice of Aretha Franklin. For being the large size that she is, her boobs look like they’re about to knock out one of her pencil-thin fans (check out the video above). And some of the get-ups she wears, well shit, I know skinny bitches that won’t even prance around like that in their skibbies. But oh, not Beth Ditto:

Nonetheless, this chick rocks! Her voice, style, energy, and carefree nature are what make her so loved. Check out The Gossip’s “Live In Liverpool,” a deluxe Live CD/DVD combination package. It just dropped on the 15th so check it! You’ll get a good taste of what I’m talking about.

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