More Stupid emo Protests

Really, is all this stupid emo bull shit necessary. First the emo protests in Mexico, and now this in England? This is just ridiculous. It’s not like there’s emo slavery or a struggle for emo civil rights that need to be reached. The last time I checked it was 2008, and all though we live in a world of close minded, insecure donkeys, this whole emo scene is just another fad. Ond day when they lay down their flat irons and eyeliner, these kids will look back and say, “Wow, I was pretty fuckin’ lame.”

Well apparently these emos congregated in England’s beautiful Hyde Park to take a stand against all those labeling their chosen genre as a suicide cult. Ironically enough, it was a sunny chipper day, not dark and gloomy. With their main target being the Daily Mail, a British newspaper that attacked the genre in the aftermath of the suicide of Hannah Bond, a fan of the band My Chemical Romance, the emos plan to stick up for themselves and their beloved My Chemical Romance.

All these emo shananigans make me laugh almost as much as their ungodly appearance, but I really loathe when ignorant idiots blame tragic deaths on the media and especially music … always looking for an escape goat for their own shameful failures or disconnection to those who they are supposed love and care for.

But yeah check out some footy below for some laughts: Emo the movie? WTF!


5 thoughts on “More Stupid emo Protests

  1. laya

    emos,need to stop! it is killing little girl that are young n didn’t get a chace to expolor the world in peace cut this emo crap it hurt my best friend hannnah bond! ūüôĀ i guess no one cares anymore

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  3. Lethal_Lover

    Personally i must speak out against this being “emo” is not a fad! emo isn’t even a real word! Most people that consider “emo” (god, Ihate that word!) are not! some of them are just trouble and well lost and they need someone they can trust, and that someone ( I should say someones) are the guys of My Chemical Romance. They’re not some suicide cult group, their music helps alot of people and i’ll have you know that i actually thought of killing myself but their music pulled me out of that. So I ask you to stop being so hostile towards them and drop the subjet!

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