"Fuck Lil Wayne"

Seems like this crap rapper Lil Wayne just keeps on stepping on all the toes of some kick ass rock n’ rollers. First the whole Rolling Stones fiasco and now fuckin’ up The Black Keys’s set at the Virgin Mobile Festival in Baltimore. Coming on 40 minutes late, Lil Whack shortend The Black Keys’ performance.

Good on front man Dan Auerbach for calling Lil What out: According to bthesite.com, “Before their last song, the lead singer said to the crowd, “Two more songs. You can thank Lil’ Wayne for that.” And he had three more words for the rapper before leaving the stage: “F— Lil’ Wayne.”

6 thoughts on “"Fuck Lil Wayne"

  1. Kristine

    Ha! I can’t believe all the lames who are sticking up for Lil Wayne. Just goes to show about how much taste they have. lol Hey, I saw this and thought of you.

  2. Danelle D.

    Why does it seem all the peeps that like Lil Wayne are illiterate? Their comments speak for themselves.

  3. weezys_wifey2400

    naw dont fuck lil wayne fuck yu
    shit nd dey sho aint kick ass dey jus
    punk ass lmao fuck em dont worry bout it
    wayne jus keep doin ya thang boo

  4. YoBradaJaymo

    Say what !!? Did you say best rapper alive .. he has no lyrical wisdom, can’t create bomb ass loops and bring down intoxicating hooks .. this guy cranks out tracks and collabs without any heart making them sound like they were on a production line at a sweat shop in the garment district .. come on’ check yo self and quit proclaiming ..

  5. Lady Love

    Lil Wayne is the perfect example of what rap has become. Whatever happened to good hip hop like Tribe Called Quest, Gang Starr, Digable Planets, etcetera… not this rap rubbish.

    Ms. Johnson, you must be in junior high, I can tell by your poor grammar.

  6. Ms.Johson

    Ok well this is 2sandy the bitch that be hating on my lil wayne!! 4all those who don’t know…Lil Wayne is the BEST rapper ALIVE!!! So don’t hate!!! You dumb people!! Yall aint know wats good!!!

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