Spread Your Legs Wide For Sex Week on VBS

If you don’t know what VBS TV is, or do but never check out this awesome site, you’re pretty much a square bear. One of my favorite Web sites fo show! No rules, no corpos, no posers — just real raw reporting sure to make your granny rise from her grave.

It’s the second annual Sex Week at VBS! In this go-round, the Vice Guide to Sex travels to Tokyo to meet Daikichi Amano, the world’s leading purveyor of eel and frog pornography. He’s pretty much the Orson Welles of dildo-drilling fish roe into a girl’s vagina. Later in the week they’ll have a a special edition of Shot By Kern in which Richard turns the lens on his wife Martynka, and plenty of other horny business like Thai ladyboys and New York leathermen and Gino Iannucci.

The shit’s always wild and intersting! So go there now!

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