23 years and counting, Canadian political punkers, Propaghandi, still gots it! They’re show at the Glass House (Pomona, Calif.) last Friday, May 29 was off the hook! The venue was filled, and definitely not with your average hipster teens, (that’s for sure — but the new Fox Theater had a swarm of  them). I think the average was 25 – 30 years old. Hard, fast and loud the boys played and epic show, very sweaty too! Bassist, Todd Kowalski, was sweating darts at first song!

You know when you’re at an old punk show, when only five people are getting floated and two are repeat offenders. Nonetheless, the mosh pits were in full effect! When brief “The Bangers Embrace” came on, the crowd went nuts. “Fuck Religion” was another highlight and one of my favorite Prop songs back in High School. Much slower than most of their songs, but still running with a powerful message. Front man/guitartist, Chris Hannah let out a funny quote: “We believe in eating free range human beings; starting with cops, politicians, crust punks, indie rockers. . ” The crowd was a lil dumb-founded by “crust punks” being thrown in there … ha

We closed that night back at the awesomely designed Acerogami bar where I then engaged in a few more cocktails and forgot my ATM card! So much for running up a load at the check out-stand at Nordstrom the next day.

Check out “The Bangers Embrace” footy!