Skinny Jeans, Hipsters, Williamsburg Brooklyn – Oh Geez . . .

I must admit, I do love me some skinny jeans and own a few pairs. I also think it’ hot when guys wear them too (although not Richard Simmons spandex tight). But I do get quite annoyed with some of the trends and fads that come along with them. Some people (hipsters, scenesters, nerds) just go a tad over the top with them as though it’s their sole life source thus over saturating the style with a bad name. It’s like when a really cool band you’ve loved since their indie days go Corpo Record Label and sells out and switches up their music to please the “masses.” Anywho, as if LA’s Hipsterlake (Silverlake) and Loz Feliz aren’t bad enough, check out this expose that the Wall Street Journal (yeah, the distinguished Wall Street Journal) did on the surplus of skinny jean wearing hipsters in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg.

As always, to each their own, but the shit sure makes me laugh.


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