Hipsters, And Why Nobody Likes Them

tryhards-1First it was “emo,” then it was “scene” and now it’s “hipster.” No matter which way you look at these style genres, they’re all pretty lame and have clearly mutated off each other. Oh! But how pissed they get if you mistaken one for the other. Don’t ever call a hipster an emo! they’ll be sure to stab you in the eye with the leg of their neon ray-bans. Man, it’s like calling a Spaniard a Mexican. They don’t like that shit.

I personally don’t have a thing against any of them (except for those that are annoying as fuck). In fact, I have plenty of friends that are classified as hipsters (and some are) and I too tend to falsely get categorized. Nevertheless, I still poke fun at them as I do with any trendy or lame shit. I just can’thipster-dork stand an over-saturated style that gets far too much hype. Just like a hot new band before they sell-out, all styles start out unique with a “cool” vibe. Once all them image changing followers and tryhards get a hold of such a style it looses its “cool.”

hipster-hottieGood lord, being a hipster can’t be “cool” if the Wall Street Journal and Time magazine are writing about it. I bet you if you pull a random hipter in LA’s Silverlake or Brooklyn’s Williamsburg, and ask them for a picture of themselves from four years ago—they were more than likely an MTV loving average Joe or Jane just begging to feel “cool” or “edgy.” Because afterall, isn’t that what a hipster is?


Har Mar Superstar!

Check out this recent article from Time. It’s pretty fuckin legit.

And check out this fucked up blog post basically bashing hipsters. The shit is harsh, but oh-so-funny!

And peep where GrimyGoods already made fun of these bogus style genres a while back.






4 thoughts on “Hipsters, And Why Nobody Likes Them

  1. Sierra

    I too get classifies as a hipster but I’m totally not one! They are far too annoying. I just dress cute.

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