RomboramaCover.3Inciting dance riots across clubs worldwide, the Italian-bred electronic dance duo known as The Bloody Beetroots are ready to unleash their magical beats. With 20 tracks of throbbing dance anthems, their debut album “Romborama” is set to drop on Sept. 8 off Dim Mak Records. Featuring guest appearances by The Cool Kids, Steve Aoki, Justin Pearson (The Locust, Head Wound City), Ed Banger artist Vicarious Bliss, and more, “Romborama” is shear dance madness. As ambient waves of sound glow between dominant sinister beats, spurts of romantic instrumentals shutter their way through the dizzying layers of that pulsating Bloody Beetroots sound.

Coming in at almost six minutes of melodic beats and ethereal rhythms, “Have Mercy on Us” is quite the enchanting track. There’s an interesting fairytale-like vibe to it covered with hard digi-thumps fit for a scene in Zelda. Just as your mind is about to spin out from the hypnotizing beats, sanctuary comes almost half way through the track as soothing as an ocean’s whisper. However, the dark foreign chants push you onward through this mystical musical journey.

The following track, “Storm” chimes in with a creepy horror flick sound. Drenched in dark beats capable of sending chills up your spine, “Storm” can fuck you up if your head ain’t screwed on tight!

And as we already know, “Awesome” featuring the Cool Kids, is just, well─AWESOME!

“Second Streets Have No Name” is a much more pleasant track pulling you out of the dark side and into the light. It’s always a nice touch when DJ’s mix harmonic vocals with some luscious beats.

As a shout out to themselves, “I Love The Bloody Beetroots” is filled with infectious grooves geared to put you under the Bloody Beetroots spell. Narcissism at it’s best.

With a number of tracks doubling most albums, “Romborama” is quite the busy debut. This shit is great for working out to, but most certainly not while you work. After listening to the entire album, my brain was exhausted. Not to mention I had a brief flashback that took me back to my bugg-eyed experimental rave days. Needless to say, The Bloody Beetroots have crafted a digital work of art. Although smothered with vibrant blankets of dark dance beats, there’s still a few rays of angelic light that seep through the cracks.