scarlettjohanssonpeteyorn_breakup_204Quick as a “one pump chump,” Scarlett Johansson & Pete Yorn’s new album “Break Up” is short and sweet. With nine tracks of fun, heartfelt duets, Yorn’s enchanting vocals are the definite player in this album while Johansson cruises along the sidelines just waiting to get called in for some action. I’d actually like to see her put an album out all by herself with no help from an already established musician. Although, I’m much more of a Tom Waits fan than a Yorn fan, Johansson is better suited piggybackin’ off the fame of Yorn. Her last album effort, “Anywhere I Lay my Head,” she covered 10 of Tom Waits’ songs, and boy did she butcher them with her boring monotone sound.

Surprisingly, Johansson sounds lovely on the “Break Up,” but still a bit dry. Nonetheless, it’s not very hard to sound bad when you have Yorn leading your vocals and the wonderful magic of producers behind you. It’s like a fat girl hanging out with a group of hot chicks, they make her look good even though you know she’s the joke of the clique.

As for Yorn, he’s a musical angel. He can sing a dirty rap song and still make it sound heavenly.

PROS: “Relator” has a fun vibe to it, a song that will joyously move your body. Johansson gives off a sexy, gramophone-like sound with her not-so-melodic interruptions. “Wear and Tear” flows with a charming melody and an enticing hook, creating a fluid movement that easily rolls off your body.

CONS: Quite the vanilla scoop of ice cream with no yummy toppings, “Shampoo” is pretty damn boring. Johansson’s echoes are also quite the annoyance. “Blackie’s Dead” comes off as an 80’s soft-rock FAIL.

Check out Scarlett Johansson & Pete Yorn’s new album “Break Up” here.