“Falling” by 2020Soundsystem – Album Review

2020 Sound SystemDrenched with endless trance beats and layers of ambient instrumentation, 2020Soundsystem’s new album “Falling” will either put you under a hypnotic spell of hedonistic bliss, or lay your sweet ass straight to sleep. Considering they’re a live electronic band, I was surprised to hear a small variety of instrumentals in “Falling”. It’s way more mellow than most electronic bands which can actually work in their favor in terms of that dark, artsy simplicity or for ravers that can’t get enough of tripped out ambient soundscapes. But for those that need more energy, the lack of musical variation and surplus of beat continuity might give you a pretty mean trance hangover.

Pros: Cops annoy me. Therefore I’m not too keen on the exasperating sirens ascending through out the intro of the first track “We Get Down.” Needless to say, the track transitions into a cool mid-tempo beat, personified by some bumpin’ bass fuzz. The vocals are short and sweet, and play a hip hook to the funky undertones. The unreleased version of album track “Satellite” is pretty awesome (better than the album version)! Download it for FREE below.

Cons: “Sliding Away” brings in breathy vocals that float on the flat side while repetitive trance bubbles almost put you under a spell (or to sleep). This is common through out a few tracks. They all kind of mesh together and lose any sense of individuality.

Check out 2020Soundsystem here and downoad a FREE unreleased version of album track “Satellite” here. It’s actually pretty fuckin’ sweet.


1. “We Get Down”

2. “Every Time”

3. “Sliding Away”

4. “Broken”

5. “Ocean”

6. “Dark Matters”

7. “Bisco”

8. “Falling”

9. “Psycho”

10. “Satellite”

11. “Closure”

12. “Way Of Life”

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