Skatebook – Mike Vallely Edition

mikevI’ve seen my share of skaters come and go. I’ve heard the words, “I’ll never quit skating” countless times just to find out the person who said that has quit skating. What was it that brought them to the breaking point of just stopping? Was it girlfriends, serious injuries, “growing up” and getting a “real job”, lack of health insurance, not ever getting sponsored, or being jaded by the industry that you wanted to be so much a part of? Who knows? I suppose these are all valid excuses, but what about the people who endure all of this and continue to make their mark in the skateboard world?

The Mike Vallely issue of Skatebook remains consistent and true to form with its great full page photos and chapters about skaters’ artwork, detailed pictures of their thrashed boards, and Jason Dill’s Fucking Awesome clothing line just to name a few. This issue of the Skatebook also features some real heavy hitters who are also some of my all time favorite skaters: Pat Duffy, Colin McKay, Neal Mims, Mike Vallely, and Chany Jeanguenin each have their own chapters in this book. This easily could’ve been the Duffy issue or the McKay issue of Skatebook. Both are equally amazing and have made their mark in the skateboard culture. There is no doubt in my mind, however, that Mike V. has earned the right to have his issue of Skatebook. Mike Vallely stands out to me because he has remained consistently dedicated to the skate culture even through some tough criticism, industry hypocrisy, and just plain haters that are out there. He does what he does and I respect and admire him for that. I hope he never ever quits skating, although I am 100% positive that he will be pushing wood until the day that he physically can’t do it anymore. Much respect and K.O.P.!!! (keep on pushing).

Words: Ryan Miller (Paelon)


Contents: 1. skated it | the art of deconstruction 2. pat duffy | the legendary 3. neal mims | living sober 4. the worst | of low card 5. laced | peter smolik and jake brown 6. colin mckay | icon status 7. chany jeanguenin | versatile 8. a brief history | of fucking awesome 9. mike vallely | world days 10. enjoi camping | at the berrics 11. what’s art | got to do with it

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WARNING : SKATEBOOK #4 is of extreme mature matter. Parental Guidance is highly recommended.

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