Hardcore Rappers Onyx Hatin’ on Blakroc (The Black Keys and Damon Dash’s New Project)

If you aint’ gettin’ hated on you ain’t doing a enough good job. I guess The Black Keys and Damon Dash, along with everyone collaborating on the Blakroc project must be doing a pretty damn good job! The hatorade is already going down fast. Yesterday, Patrick Carney, the amazing drummer of The Black Keys tweeted “Onyx is beefing with blakroc hahaha!” I thought to myself, “Good job Keys!”


(Via Rollogrady and The Boom Box)

The original mad rappers, Onyx, are back, and they’re not happy about Damon Dash’s ‘Blak Roc’ collaboration album with The Black Keys. In a recent interview on Angela Yee and Leah Rose’s Lip Service radio show on Shade 45, the baldhead rappers discussed yelled about Dash’s project, which features notable MC’s like Ludacris, Jim Jones, Mos Def, Pharoahe Monch and more.

“N—-s is biting the whole f—in’ movement,” explained a ticked off Fredro Starr. “The ‘Black Rock’ s—, we been rocking with that. Now I’m hearing other n—-s coming out with it…I ain’t sayin’ no f—in’ names. You know what it is man, holla at me n—-, 100 mad n—-s with guns n—-, stop playing games with me!”


I’m sorry but that is just fuckin’ ridiculous. I haven’t heard any good shit come out form Onyx since ‘98’s “Shut ‘Em Down.” Times change, people become even more creative and push the borders — making music that delivers such leading innovations should be appreciated: not hated.

11 thoughts on “Hardcore Rappers Onyx Hatin’ on Blakroc (The Black Keys and Damon Dash’s New Project)

  1. hip hop head

    and btw the track of onyx dissing blacroc is dope especially the remix with jay z …… ONYX THE REAL BLACK ROCK !!!!!!!!!!

  2. hip hop head

    wow whoever wrote this article is a idiot point blank ! GET UR FACTS STRAIGHT ENUFF SAID !!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. zima

    too bad onyx’s song dissing BlakRoc blows…While the two groups may both be “black rock,” the two have incredibly different styles. BlakRoc is soooo much more bluesy and smooth. Onyx is much less rock…

  4. Onyx

    Onyx has been working on Black Rock since 06 they been promoting it worldwide on tours and their website (onyxdomain.com)Onyx has the original idea for Black and than that’s when i heard about Lil wayne making a rock album and this Damon Dash project so Onyx has every right to be mad and all you gfaggots that don’t know about Onyx don’t be ignorant get the facts straight

  5. King Snake

    I can totally understand Onyx’s frustration. They have been working on an album titled The Black Rock album for the past 2 years, it’s set to release later this year or early 2010. You douchers on this website should check your info before you go hating on Onyx for being angry. Take a second to think about if you were about to release your album that you have been working hard on just to hear that some other group is taking your idea, AND even the name of your album, would you not feel some anger?

    Wikipedia onyx’s black rock album

  6. Wyatt Berp

    I cant understand what that raptard is saying either. But fusing genres has created some of the best music ever. I’m all for this Blakroc shit!

  7. Sandy

    Since when is The Black Keys hipster? They have the widest variety of fans, least of hipsters. And unless I stand corrected, blues (which much of The Black Keys music consists of) originated from the African-American communities in the South. I could not think of a better band to collaborate with a set of rappers.

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