Weirdest Searches of the Week!

Whether you’re nosing about your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend’s life, searching your deep-dark fetishes or googling your current crush, you people search some pretty weird shit! I try to take a look at GrimyGoods’ stats and analytics everyday, but don’t always get to it — but when I do, I always find myself laughing my ass off.
*Smiling is my favorite

Here are this week’s weirdest terms people searched on the Internet to land them on Yikes!

  1. big boobs (yeah, we got a lot of those on here!)
  2. amanda palmer nude photos (oopsie, did I post those?)
  3. ass crack tattoo (I only show mine to the public on Tuesdays, and sometimes Saturdays.)
  4. hipster sluts (we got plenty o’ silly hipster photos!)
  5. girls in skin tight leggings (yep, I’m a fan of them. Winter is a near)
  6. assless chaps (hmmm, I think we have some under Hot vs Not)
  7. anorexic boys (how bout Endless Hallway?)
  8. 80s workout attire (I’m so down with it.)
  9. hot baton twirlers (yep, I got that and a dorky one on Hot vs Not)
  10. Gnargusto (hmmm, I wonder which nosey girl, or boy continues their pathetic search?)

5 thoughts on “Weirdest Searches of the Week!

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  3. Sandy Post author

    The screen shot would make for a good post! hahahhaha and yes, peeps are lame (and weird). But thankful for the hits! ha

  4. Kristine G

    LOL, that is so funny! Some peeps are so lame. Gnargusto, hot ass, whatevs. The internet brings out the freaks. =P

  5. Denae

    Gnargusto huh?! That chick’s obsessed. But then again she’s a nothing from yucksville. I still say you post that screen shot!!

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