seawolfalbumFar from your basic instrumentals and utilizing just about every beautiful instrument known to man ─ from delicate piano keys, serene violins, soft flutes, and lovely cellos, the orchestra doesn’t stop there. Sea Wolf’s “White Water, Whit Bloom” is placid listening that summons powerful emotion through their climaxing instrumentation. At times you feel like your part of live orchestra, but with far more subtle frequencies.

With lyrics that are ever-so natural and flow as smooth as a poem, listening to front-man Alex Brown Church’s words, painted a visual of the country in my head — vivid with luscious fields of green and starry skies. The lyrics are very picturesque and full of life, they draw you in like the mystique of a Van Gogh – you kinda just want to jump into them.

Although a rather sweet album, bustling with imagery, I found it a tad on the boring side (perfect for sleepy time). If you like slow ballads and storybook words Sea Wolf’s “White Water, White Bloom” is the perfect listen for your ears.

A Few Favs:

O’Maria” – A tale of a zebra and a wicked spider? Sounds more like a tale of a man in love with a woman that’s done him wrong yet he’d come back and do it all over again. Love’s a fuckin’ bitch!

“The Orchard” – Very simple, very soft and very lovely. “The Orchard” carries the most picturesque of lyrics taking you way out of the city and deep into the country! It’s refreshing and clean break away from the hustle and bustle of both city life and city beats.