Top Weirdest Searches of Yesterday!

So last month we ran a post that featured the top weirdest searches of the week. It was pretty fuckin’ funny and creepy to see what you peeps are searching out there on the worldwide Web. Again, we’ve compiled some of the weirdest search terms that landed people on

And to think, these were just yesterday’s search terms!

  1. amanda palmer hairy (yep, we got that here)
  2. dinosaur jr ear plugsĀ  (we lacked the earplugs, but we got the shots)
  3. hairy french nudes (um, yeah, NO)
  4. girl dance mud maked “Austin city limits” (lots of girls and lots of mud here)
  5. widespread panic “fraggle rock” ( I loved Fraggle Rock!)
  6. why do only douchebags have rice burners (uber douche bags here)
  7. parisian girls (How bout Peruvian girls)
  8. beth ditto bouncing ( Lovin em’ large eh? Check it!)
  9. beautiful boobs (oops, yeah. I made that page invisible. Fuck it.)
  10. hardy tool (yep, here they are)

He’s weird

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