Hot vs Not: Photogs

This guy gets the award for the most annoying photog ever! Who the hell gets in front of a musician’s face (especially a moving guitarist) with barely a foot of space from his face while the band’s performing! And with a fuckin’ point-and-shoot! This was taken at Neon Indian’s show a couple weeks ago at The Echoplex. What a lamer …


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7 thoughts on “Hot vs Not: Photogs

  1. Sandy Post author

    Wise witty words from our SD Photog Big Swig! And sassy Kara (SF photog) below. You guys are way cooler than the space invader in the photo!

  2. Big Swig

    i dont see a flash attached and if it is the type of camera im sure it is, they dont have pop up flash. i started a couple years ago with a canon ae-1 p. shot lots of fast film. prefferably Fuji’s Neopan 1600 film. that stuffs amazing

  3. Big Swig

    thats not a point and shoot. it looks more like a late 70’s-early 80’s slr. but thats not really the point. it IS pretty annoying that he’s that close and if he is taking the photo at this exact moment, its probably not gonna be a good shot at that angle, guitarist looking down.

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