Hot vs Not: Best of 2009 Photos!

And you thought we forgot to pull out all the shockers from 2009! From hipsters, dorks, weirdos, them Jersey folk, and the fashionably flawed, we got all the cream-of-the-crop all in one spot. Peep em’ and weep yo! (in no particular order)

Hot vs. Not: Mullets
Mullets are never hot. Whether they’re fashion mullets or from the 80’s. My ex took these shots on the NY subway. Dude ain’t trying to be cool with his mullet and acid washed jacket either! That just his old skool steez!

Hot vs. Not: Girl Making Out

What can I say, we’ve all done it. Check out these hotties and one lucky man in a cab ride home to more fun and games. I see some Grimy up in there and some Blair! (sorry mom!)

Taxicab-confessions-01 Taxicab-confessions-02

Taxicab-confessions-03 Taxicab-confessions-04

Hot vs Not: Assless Chaps

Um, yeah, enough said.

Hot vs Not: T-shirts

You can always tell who’s the tourist cruising the So Cal beaches from either Middle America or the East Coast. This guy played a game of shirts vs. skins, can you guess what team he was on?

Hot vs Not: Nerds

Revenge of Los Nerds con Paco y Pedro! Nerd or not, Latin lovers are always hot, well, kinda.

Hot vs Not: Treasure Trolls

We found an anorexic Treasure Troll in the park and fed him. Can he haz cheez burgers?

Hot vs. Not: Andy Warhol’s Dookie
If Andy Warhol were still alive today, this is what his shit would look like. Please flush the toilet when you’re done. Photo Credit: Kara E. Murphy

Hot vs Not: Emo Turned Hipster
These glammed up hipsters must of left their shiny smiles in Williamsburg as they migrated to Silverlake. Either that, or their emo days haven’t quite worn off on them. Trend hoppers, will it ever end?

Hot vs Not: Halloween Booty
Who doesn’t like booty on Halloween (or anytime for that matter)? Whether it’s physically speaking or a bedroom-slam, Halloween is the one-time-of-year girls can dress like sluts with no reservations. O’side/Carlsbad home girls hollah!

Hot vs Not: DARE
D.A.R.E to keep kids off drugs (um, or not)

Hot vs Not: Bubble Booties
“Big booty hoes, up with it!” Ever been to a wiggah party? We have!

Hot vs. Not: Tattoos and a Chin Strap

This guys has gotta be from Jersey! I dunno what’s worse, the chin strap, the massive tribal tats, the gay hooped earings, or the sonic the hedge hog hair style? Or the ghetto chain around his neck!? At least it’s not gold (I guess).

Hot vs Not: Punk Stacked
“Well how can we get the cheese, with the pussy gato? This guy’s more punk than me!”

Hot vs Not: 80’s
It’s good to bring it back a lil, but these chicks brought it back 10-fold! I hope they were on their way to an 80’s party, otherwise their shit’s pretty ridiculous! The chick with the blue curly mop looks like she could host “Yo Gabba Gabba!

Hot vs Not: Doggy Style
It’s always a hoot seeing hipsters get freaky to hip hop music. They never seem to know exactly what to do if it isn’t indie, folk or electro. Perhaps they forgot when doing Doggy, it should be the dude behind the chick, unless …

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4 thoughts on “Hot vs Not: Best of 2009 Photos!

  1. Kara

    You need to come to SF for Bay to Breakers this year. You’ll get a ton of good stuff. You definitely have an eye for capturing the moment. 🙂

  2. Nick

    How do you always find the right “spot” Sandy…? Right place @ the right time – these pictures are priceless!

  3. Jen Chen

    What can I say…perfect moments captured, especially that kid Simon on the bus from TI…had to be there to truly appreciate that!
    Young Grimy Goods…hot!!!!! 🙂

  4. Brian

    SANDY AGO! Do I see a young Grimy Goods kissing another girl with a stoked dude in between? Yes sir!

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