New BlakRoc Video Released: “What You do to Me”

I remember the first time I introduced my brother to The Black Keys’ music, he though the lead singer had to have been a soul brother, with an impeccable voice such as Dan Auerbach’s. When I took him to one of their shows he was like, “whoa, the lead singer is a white dude!”

Check out this ill new vid from BlakRoc, “What You do to Me.” You’ll see a beardless Auerbach howl out some sexy, soulful vocals alongside the lovely Nicole Wray with rhyme and flow masters, Billy Danze and Jim Jones.

It’s not your typical music video. You actually get to see them go through the creative process in the studio amidst some friendly dancing and soul-claps. Check the goods out below!

Damn! Billy Danze brings on the fire!

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