For the fortunate few that were able to get into Spoon’s secret show at El Cid last night, they can tell you it was absolufuckinlutely amazing! As their first show of 2010, in celebration of their new album “Transference,” Spoon played a hot show to some 250-300 individuals blasting out pure rock n’ roll with a delicious side of rhythm and grooves. While some have to wait as far down until mid April to see Spoon’s new set, LA got it first and damn good it was!

Spoon played a nice selection of songs from their new album “Transference,” but they didn’t stray from their old delectable nuggets of sound either. Off “Transference,” I melted for the sultry, rhythmic song “Who Makes Your Money.” Bassist, Rob Pope chimes in with the sexy, echoing chorus as Britt Daniel maintains the smooth tone of the entire song over Pope’s sweet bass lines. “Written in Reverse” got the crowd moving in a a frenzy as hips shaked and heads bobbed, there was some dope straight jammin’ going on here! Simple, yet one of the most moving songs of their set, “Nobody Gets Me But You,” had me fixated on Britt Daniel from start-to-finish. The live orchestrations in this song were just epic. They rolled out like a long story with the power to set your body and mind in a musical trance. Something about this song gave me goosebumps, it was pretty moving.

It’s always hard to put together a secret/special show with out disappointing a shit load of fans, and this show was no exception. Apparently the ticketing agent, oversold tickets to the show and had to be Indian-givers. After receiving a confirmation email for Spoon tickets at El Cid, many unfortunate fans received a secondary email stating they had oversold the show and that they would not be able to get in and a refund would be granted. What a fuckin’ bummer!

For those that missed the show, we shot a lot of video for ya’ll! Check it out below! (Stay tuned we have more video and photos coming!)

Fun Show Facts:

  • Britt Daniel was wearing an Imaad Wasif shirt, and Wasif just happend to play at Spaceland the same night as Spoon’s show!
  • Some drunk girl pushed me into a dude’s Rascal!
  • Britt Daniel was in dire need of some ganga!
  • Drummer, Jim Eno, likes to keep his set list cause he has notes on it!
  • The set list had some 26 songs on it! But we heard about 22 of those songs.

Words: Sandy B.
Video: Craig Parker

Spoon “Written in Reverse” at El Cid


Spoon “Don’t You Evah” at El Cid


Spoon “I Saw The Light” (First song of their Encore set)