Hot vs. Not: Jersey Shore or Newport Beach?

In so many ways. Newport Beach, California is the same as the Jersey Shore. They both have the same douche bags wearing Affliciton and bedazzled jeans over some fake-and-baked orange skin. However, this photo was taken three years ago and Jersey is just barely making Affliciton popular amongst guidos across the Garden State. Thanks to MTV’s pittiful “Jersey Shore,” we know this.

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7 thoughts on “Hot vs. Not: Jersey Shore or Newport Beach?

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  2. Gnargeetar

    Hey now, it’s not their fault they’re milldly retarded. All that gel must seep into their brain! And the bands coming out of Jerz are pretty shitty for the most part with jam band crap and butt rock. They can’t all be like us in BK.

  3. J

    Newport beach is lame for sure but at least the chicks are hotter. My aunt is from Jersey and all the chicks there look like they came out of a bad 90’s movie. They still have eyebrow and toungue rings there. And think it’s actually cool ti them.

  4. Sandy Post author

    Guess what? I’m originally from the dirty Jerz too! But mom and pops moved us to Cali at the right time! I wonder if I would have been a guidette if we stayed … nah

    I’m just glad we weren’t from the Shore!!!

  5. Jahmez

    I can say from experience Spot On !! I’m O.J. ( Original Jerz ) But since 12 been Cali .. My generation didn’t spawn such idiots but damnnnnnn we need to rethink Population Control !! Now I’ve also lived in NewpBeach for 2 years and I gotta say a contigency and I should say a majority percentage of the guys are just straight up Jokes !!! My knuckles have finally healed , let’s not allow the Absurdly Pompous procreate they add nothing to society… Wait scratch that , Mommy & Daddys $$$$ is well spent to the true who work at the bars !!!! For what it’s worth it sad that we have to except and live with The Lame Douches of this World !!!

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