Hot vs Not: Tacky

When cute girls go tacky … Please get rid of that stupid fringe infested purse. It looks like something you’d pick up at a truck stop in Bakersfield! Paired with them leopard looking galoshes, it’s a recipe for looking like you’re from Jersey.

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4 thoughts on “Hot vs Not: Tacky

  1. Jahmez

    Some have fashionability and others don’t!! I’m looking deeper into this and my take is she wants us to know that she is wearing a leopard print G-string and hiding a leather studded crop whip in her Bag !!! So take the purse & bag off & now envision domineering hotness she really is.. Caliente !

  2. Aaron

    I like my ladies styling and this outfit is just bad. I definitely would tell her to throw that gay cowboy purse away.

  3. LightMan

    Wrong! This woman is Open for Business, which makes her very hot in my book. It doesn’t hurt that she’s also standing in front of a fast food joint. She just super sized my pants.

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