Saint Motel t the Echoplex – Show Review and Live Photos

Tinfoil hats, astronaut helmets, and cosmic stage projections filled the Echoplex last Saturday as the extraterrestrial themed night featured Saint Motel, Voxhaul Broadcast, The Pity Party, and Mississippi Man. Fifty-seven years ago, an organization called the
“International Flying Saucer Bureau” planned an event to make contact with extraterrestrials but they ultimately wimped out by canceling the event. In commemoration, Saturday’s show was aptly called “We Make Contact” as people gathered to enjoy awesome music and perhaps reach out to far away beings.

With miniature video cameras attached to microphone stands, the stage backdrop alternated between live images of band members and vintage film clips.

At the end of the night, Saint Motel gave away a signed space helmet to the winner of the best DIY tinfoil hat. Hey, you never know who’s out there in space so sometimes you gotta take precautions—but that doesn’t mean you can’t look fly in foil.

Words and Photos: Wei Shi

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