ING Bay to Breakers 2010 – Photo Gallery

A couple weekends ago we took a trip to San Francisco to take part in the epic madness known as Bay to Breakers. Officially a 12-K marathon and officially called ING Bay to Breakers, this is the craziest, nastiest, naughtiest and funniest drunken marathon ever! With bands playing on random corners, topless girls abound, DJ scratching vinyl in the parks and plenty of bottomless men to get you hollering (both good and bad), you haven’t experienced the wildest party in California until you’ve been to Bay to Breakers. Oh, and then there’s the “real runners” running the marathon.

Caution: Some photos are nasty (like the flasher and the lady with huge pasty boobs)

Photos: Jen Chen

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2 thoughts on “ING Bay to Breakers 2010 – Photo Gallery

  1. Jen Chen

    LMAO at all the crazies…including us!! Yes..those booobs were deathly scary…too much fun in one day!
    Love ya!

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