Carney at The Troubadour – Photo Gallery & Review 6/24

There will be sweat: it got wet and wild at Carney’s sold-out show last Monday, June 21 at The Troubadour. Opening up for the UK’s Athlete, these LA rockers definitely stole the show from Athlete (sorry dudes, but it’s true). With just their debut album “Mr. Green Vol. 1,” released May 11 via label heavy hitters Inerscope Records, riding high under Carney’s belt, these boys have made quite the impression. Conjuring up all the greatness from some of rock ‘n roll’s most prolific bands, Carney have a little Zeppelin, a little Beatles and whole lot of fire in their rock ‘n roll souls to make Carney a solid name-stay. Hell, even front-man Zane Carney looks as though he rolled out of 70s time warp with his bell-bottom jeans and compelling vocals! Paired with his brother Reeve Carney, the two make an unstoppable team with their relentless guitaring and dueling vocals. From the lovely and sexy “There She Goes” to the fun, upbeat show tunes of “Amelie,” Carney have seriously got it going on.

Check out the photos of Carney at The Troubadour below!

Words: Sandy B.

Photos Craig Parker

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