“Silver Tower” by Brenda – Album Review

There are just some things you are always a sucker for no matter what. Well done, guitar-driven pop is one of mine, therefore, Brenda’s debut album “Silver Tower” was right up my ally. Reaching out with the opening track “State Lines,” which features jangly, Stephen Malkmus-esque guitars with DJ Moore’s understated yet propulsive drumming, the Portland, Maine trio’s debut grabs you and pulls you in with hook-y guitar melodies and vocal harmonies. What works best for the record, however, is the old rock n’ roll feel that permeates, not unlike what is now being referred to as the “Classic” Guided By Voices lineup. Meaning, like its namesake from “Beverly Hills 90210,” Brenda has all the sheen that makes the band seem like it could go mainstream, but there is just that little something that makes you realize that the band is dirty and will only get dirtier in the future.

Words: Alex Roman

Artist: Brenda
Album: Silver Tower
Label: Mckeenstreet Music
Release Date: June 29, 2010

Similar to: Wilco, “Classic” Guided By Voices, The Walkmen and Beach Boys

Brenda – “Blackout” Official Music Video from Mckeenstreet Music on Vimeo.

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