“That’s How We Burn” by Jaill – Album Review

Sub Pop’s post-grunge resurgence seems to be rooted in finding good jangly pop bands from a particular geographical location and signing them to a deal – take a look at some of its roster beginning with The Shins (Albuquerque) until you get to, say, Avi Buffalo (Long Beach, Calif.). The label’s Milwaukee discovery, Jaill, fits in nicely between said two bands thanks to its ability to write catchy, well-crafted songs like those appearing on the band’s most recent release “That’s How We Burn.” Jaill’s sound, however, could most accurately be described as surf-rock or, at the very least, breakneck infectious pop that leaves behind the good vibrations for the rough life. In the track “On The Beat,” for instance, Vinnie Kircher sings “three a.m., weeknight/I shot up in bed/stood up near the kitchen counter/and began banging my head,” before concluding “come taste my take or leave it lifestyle/it’s not fast and neat.” The light versus dark juxtaposition works well, adding grit to the sunny melodies, which makes this record a solid jumping off point for those not yet familiar with Jaill but perhaps familiar with similar bands, such as the Black Lips or Thee Makeout Party.

Words: Alex Roman

Artist: Jaill
Album: “That’s How We Burn”
Label: Sub Pop
Release Date: July 27, 2010

Jaill “That’s How We Burn” Track List:
  1. The Stroller
  2. Everyone’s Hip
  3. On the Beat
  4. Thank Us Later
  5. Summer Mess
  6. She’s My Baby
  7. Snake Shakes
  8. Demon
  9. Baby I
  10. How’s the Grave
  11. That’s How We Burn

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