Hot vs Not: Goofy Hipster Fashionistas

Recently coming back from a 10-day vacation through the Caribbean and Central America, one of the MANY things I did not miss about LA, were the annoying hipsters and tryhards that drench the streets of East LA with a poser stench so strong you can’t help but gag as they sloth by you.  I wonder what they were posing five years ago? I must admit though, I did dress like this at one point in my life: but that was in ’89.

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4 thoughts on “Hot vs Not: Goofy Hipster Fashionistas

  1. Tommy

    Wow-how do i choose the least annoying of the 3. I’m going with the one in the middle, who looks really uncomfortable in her own skin. Or maybe its cuz she doesn’t have the boobs to hold her top in place.

  2. Drewtheyours

    NOT! HA! Those outfits suck! Try living through the 80’s, girls, not just glorifying them in the worst way.

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