Hot vs Not: Tevas (especially with socks)

These days you can’t tell if someone is really a dorky dresser or if they’re one of those kids who think it’s “cool” to dress like a nerd (hipsters usually). Whether you’re truly a nerd or not, Tevas should never be worn. Especially with socks! I would rather (and do) go Asian style and wear my flip flops with socks!

P.S A Jonas Brothers backpack?!! Really?!! *sigh

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5 thoughts on “Hot vs Not: Tevas (especially with socks)

  1. Sarah Jones

    I love Teva’s I wear them all summer and feel a sense of pride depending how good my “Teva Tan” turned out.

    Function is a beautiful thing!

  2. Stephanie

    This guy seems to know what he’s doing. You can ONLY wear horrendous footwear if you backpack/handbag/etc. is equally or more offensive.

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