Hot vs Not: Teeny Bopper Raver Kids

I guess I can’t really talk too much shit, considering I started going to raves at the young age of 17, attending the inaugural Electric Daisy Carnival, Audiotistic, Narnia and more. I laugh at myself now for some of the outfits and dances I chose back then, and I continue to laugh now at all the same shit still happening at raves today. God damn, I’m glad I’m now 30 and can experience dope house and electronica in a 21-and-over venue without all the annoying irresponsible kiddies (even though we have many annoying and irresponsible adults still present).

Does your mama know you own pasties!?

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One thought on “Hot vs Not: Teeny Bopper Raver Kids

  1. Danny

    I was a young raver myself but I swear it’s way worse now. Look how slutty the girls are and they’re prob not even 18. Hope my lil sis never pulls this shit.

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