Early Winters “Early Winters” EP — Album Review

Made up of U.K.-bred singer Carina Round, Canadian artist Justin Rutledge, L.A. producer/musician Dan Burns and Zac Rae of the band Pedestrian, Early Winters’ self-titled five-track EP is made up of tunes that provide movies with the great background music for its most sentimental or epic moments. Or least that’s what I thought as I listened to the entire EP. For some reason, each song sort of lent itself to create musical sentiments that I thought would go great with indie movies.

I always wonder what the soundtrack to my life would be, and a few of Early Winters’ songs are definitely going to be included. As I listened to the EP, I took a stroll down memory lane and thought of how these tracks would provide the perfect background music. The EP is seriously that moving.

Each song not only has great musical elements that make it feel-good-music, such as catchy guitar riffs, soft piano chords and endearing vocals, but the lyrics are meaningful and seem to really touch you emotionally. Early Winters’ approach to songwriting proves that they really care about their music and its message. You would have never guessed that the EP was actually written using video chat and Skype, but the beauty and intimacy of the recordings will make you feel like they’re performing only for you.

Carina’s intoxicating voice fills the anthemic “Tough Love” with heart-wrenching honesty. It’s my favorite of the five tracks and sort of reminds me of something from The Cardigans. It’s upbeat, but in a happy sort of way instead of being a fast-paced tune. The end is amazing when Carina’s voice hits the climatic chorus where you can really hear the passion in her lyrics. I must have played this track, like, five times to really grasp the meaningful lyrics.

“Turn Around” is another notable tune on the EP that literally brought tears to my eyes. It’s one of those tracks that start of slowly with beautiful piano melodies and then somber, yet sweet, vocals come in and pierce your soul. Carina and Justin’s duet becomes one united harmony. The lyrics are so simple, yet convey so much sentiment, which makes it the perfect closing to a very emotion-invoking EP.

Early Winters has made a play for your heart that you are not likely to resist, as they already have mine. I’m already anticipating a full LP, which I’m sure will be just as enticing as the EP. You can check out Early Winters at their residency at Los Angeles’ famed Hotel Café, which they are playing all of March!

Words: Kristie Bertucci

Artist: Early Winters
Album: Early Winters
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: March 8, 2011

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