Superhumanoids “Parasite Paradise” EP — Album Review

From the great City of Angels comes the Superhumanoids, a band that creates “music to help kiss the doldrums away”… as so their Facebook fan page says. Comprised of two members from the punk-based The Franks, Sarah Chernoff and Cameron Parkins, with the addition of Max St. John and Evan Weinerman, the Superhumanoids have released a four-track EP filled with dreamy pop melodies reminiscent of the ’60s that are infused with a bit of electro-based synths and some garage indie rock a la ’90s for a bit of edge.

Although only four songs, Parasite Paradise is the perfect representation of a band that first started out as a solo bedroom project of Parkins and has now transformed it self to be one of L.A.’s hottest indie bands (and not to mention one of Grimy Goods’ “Hot Band Alerts”).

“Palm Springs” opens up with some epic bass and synths until Chernoff’s angelic and graceful voice fills your ears. It’s sort of a surreal track that makes you float off musically into your own world. With its heavy sounds infused with her cherubic vocals, the result is the best tune on the EP in my opinion.

“Mirrors” is a bit more electro-based, but still has that indie rock twist with powerful guitars in the background, as well as some interesting drum patterns that really make you sway back and forth as you take it all in. Once more, Chernoff’s sweet vocals demonstrate her amazing talent.  “An Island” really depicts Parkins’ vocal ability, which is just as dreamy as Chernoff’s, and is definitely more new wave than anything. The best part is when Chernoff joins in vocally, creating the ideal vocal pitch when infused together. Man, they these two go in synch perfectly when singing together. I love the catchy backbeat to the song, too, when not overpowered by the synths.

After a bit of cruising on their Website, I learned that they also do remixes for others like The Wombats, Zebra and Snake, Xiu Xiu, and Local Natives, which are totally amazing tunes, too! They put a great Superhumanoids spin to these tracks, which is definite must to check out.

I actually got to experience the Superhuamoids live at the Echoplex, where they shared the stage with the likes of Miami Horror and I must stay they put on a great live show! Chernoff really works the keyboard like no one’s business, while you can practically feel the passion of their songs spew out of the band as they perform their tunes. They are a must see live!

Words: Kristie Bertucci

Artist: Superhumanoids
Album: Parasite Paradise
Label: Solid Gold
Release Date: March 8, 2011


One thought on “Superhumanoids “Parasite Paradise” EP — Album Review

  1. jenna

    One of the best band in L.A. Their music is truly beautiful and they are so humble. Great review.

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