Kohoutek Music and Arts Festival 2011 with Phantogram, American Royalty, He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister & More (April 22-23, 2011)

Growing up in the Inland Empire (Upland, CA), I’ve been going to Kohoutek since I was 16 (14 years ago) and it has always been something I’ve looked forward to and I try to make it each year whenever my schedule allows. Located on the grassy mounds at Pitzer College in Claremont, CA, the Kohoutek Music and Arts Festival is one of the raddest, realest and most down to earth college music festivals you’ll ever attend. This year’s line up features Phantogram; American Royalty; He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister; The Octopus Project & many more! The event is FREE! So if you’re in the IE area or willing to make the drive from LA, I suggest you hit this festival up for  a great experience.


Phantogram 11:30- 12:30
Beat Connection 9:30-10:30
American Royalty 8:10- 9:10
He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister 7:00- 7:50
The Overeasy 6:00-6:45
Sleepy Feet 5:00-5:40
Chess 4:00- 4:40

The Octopus Project 11:00-12:30
Tony Fresh 9:20-10:30
ArtOfficial 7:50-9:00
Capoeira 7:20- 7:50
The Morning Birds 6:20-7:20
Cosmonauts 5:30-6:00
Model Tease 4:20-5:10
Casey 3:10-4:00
Sparagamos 2:00-2:50
Apollo 1:00- 1:45
Nora and the Brights 12:00- 12:45


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