Hot vs Not: The Ed Hardy Family

Wow, I know it’s rude to stare (let alone snap secret photos) but I wasn’t sure if this shit was for reals! After five minutes of deliberation at Critter Country in Disneyland, we came to a unanimous agreement: this is in fact the Ed Hardy family! Well maybe not the “real” Ed Hardy family, but from head to toes each member of this family was decked out in all the god awful embroidery, glitter and fake tattoo art of the Ed Hardy brand. Take heed, this is how you spawn douchery.

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4 thoughts on “Hot vs Not: The Ed Hardy Family

  1. Jaime

    Holy cow! You shoulda got a picture with them giving a thumbs up! This is unbelievable. What the hell were hey thinking? Foreigners?

  2. Jeans

    Are you serious??? Wow, now I feel like a bad mother… I’m gonna go get the whole family matching outfits to make myself feel better…

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