Hot vs Not: Music Festival Crackheads

Sometimes a lil too much Molly or mushies will make music festival-goers go cuckoo! We caught these two festival crackheads at Sasquatch! this past week getting detained and tossed to the floor while refusing to get out of a VIP/backstage. It was really quite funny, especially when the broad ran to her man’s rescue after he got pummeled to the floor. Choose your drugs wisely kids …


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5 thoughts on “Hot vs Not: Music Festival Crackheads

  1. Annie

    Some people should just stream music festival live, AT HOME! what an embarrassment.

  2. Sandy Post author

    Very true Josh, and this was in fact the 1st day of Sasquatch! This couple still had three more days to go!

  3. Josh

    A few years ago, on the first night of Bonnaroo, I happened to walk by a poor girl that was sitting on the ground, clutching her helpless, bewildered boyfriend’s leg, full on howling and shrieking. Mind was completely gone.

    Rule 1 for festivals: don’t burn out on day 1.

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