Jessica 6’s See The Light is an exhilarating, sensual journey of disco-infused, electro-pop drizzled with a bit of R&B and just all-around damn good dance tunes. The Brooklyn trio (made up of the smoking hot Nomi Ruiz on vocals, bassist Andrew Raposo and Morgan Wiley on keyboards) fills their music with captivating lyrics that describe fame, love, broken hearts and more in a musically erotic 13-song package.

The group formed in 2008, after Ruiz met Raposo and Wiley while performing together as Hercules and Love Affair (they’ve since then become “past members”), they decided to name themselves after the lead character in the super-sexy film, Logan’s Run, who leads a rebellion for freedom in a authoritarian underground world.

Ruiz’s soothing yet intensified vocals wrapped around hypnotic synth chords and electro beats make for an infectious formula that’ll have your ears begging for more, while your body tingles with urges to groove.

“Fun Girl” is exactly that…fun! Filled with blistering energy, sensual synths and erotic vocals, it’s one of those tracks that’ll have you feeling “on top of the world.” Their first single from the album, “White Horse,” bombards you with strobe-light ready electro-fied laser noises over a booty-shaking beat that’ll have you ready to giddy up on your own white horse; definitely one of the best tracks on the album and an even HOTTER video, as Ruiz beckons you to dance.

“See The Light” is another tantalizing track with a baseline that is incredibly boom-tastic while Ruiz’s harmonic vocals tickle your ears. Some exotic-inspired chimes and percussion provides a very ethnic feel to the track, further intoxicating your musical palette. “Prisoner of Love” is sweet as it is sensual. Melodic keys paired with electro riffs bring you in, while the chorus makes you keep hitting repeat. It’ll be one of those songs that’ll imprint itself in your subconsciousness, making you a prisoner of its musical prowess. “Freak The Night” isn’t entirely a slow jam, nor is it as upbeat as the others.

With a great fusion of upbeat dance tracks and slow jams, Jessica 6’s See The Light is a great combo of provocative-laced music that vividly stirs wild tendencies from deep within.

Words: Kristie Bertucci

Artist: Jessica 6

Album: See The Light

Label: Peace Frog Records

Release Date: June 7, 2007