Gold-Bears’ debut album, Are You Falling In Love is a spazz-pop, indie-rock record splashed with some punk vocals. It musically speaks of young love, butterflies in your stomach and all that mushy crap when you’re falling for someone. Great for moments when you’re actually feeling these things—not so great when you’re not.

With a name that vividly sparks your imagination (and Gummy Bears in my head for some reason), Georgia-based Gold-Bears formed a year ago after Jeremy Underwood and his friends messed around with some of Underwood’s unused songs from his former venture, Plastic Mastery.

Practically, all the songs are heavy on guitars and doused with borderline screechy/yelling vocals, which is bearable in the beginning, but got a tad tiresome towards the end.

The album begins with “Record Store,” which features all of the aforementioned traits and pretty much showcases what’s in store for the rest of the tracks. Upbeat and infectious for sure—thanks to its rapid guitar riffs and vivid orchestrations. The rest of the songs in between that “Record Store” and “Besides You” have the same sound, just with various tempos and beats. However, the titled track is a bit slower than the rest, but the thumping bassline and a weird airplane-like sound thrown in, makes it kind of hard to hear the lyrics and gets kind of annoying by the end.

“Besides You” is a much welcomed break from all that previous fervent energy, as it slows everything down to become a melodic ode. With guitars still at the forefront, the lyrics are sweet as Underwood reminisces of a love and questions why they left. The next song, “Tally,” starts off on the slow side, making you think you’re in for another “Besides You” before those fast vocals and wild guitars come blazing in. Its tempo change ups and the lyrics definitely provide an interesting listen.

“Yeah Tonight” is the 11th and final song of the album, as well as another slow jam…up until the last minute or so, when things get hard. It’s pounding heart backdrop gives it this epic feel, while the guitar melodies and faded vocals in the beginning depict a love stricken mortal; it’s crazier ending closes the album on the same note that it entered.

While still an overall cool album to chill and listen to, it takes a certain mentality to fully appreciate its lyrical content laced with some sweet guitar rock. Gold-Bears’ Are You Falling In Love isn’t going to be for everyone (as it wasn’t exactly for me), but it’s worth a listen or two — especially if you’re riding the emotional rollercoaster ’cause its love/hate content will make you feel as though you’re not alone.

Words: Kristie Bertucci


Artist: Gold-Bears
Album: Are You Falling In Love
Label: Slumberland Records
Release Date: May 17, 2011