Thomas Dybdahl “Songs” — Album Review

You may be asking yourself, “Who in the hell is Thomas Dybdahl?” In short, he’s a 32-year-old talented singer/songwriter from Norway who is making his international musical debut with Songs. Already a huge hit in parts of Europe, Dybdahl already has three platinum albums in his homeland and is looking to add some more with his latest 14-track effort that’s actually a compilation of his tracks from previous albums.

With his muscial talents growing from his interest and experiences playing the guitar, Dybdahl approaches his music from the mind of a guitarist—which can be heard throughout the album in both soft strums and faster plucks, with vocals and other instruments following along. Primarily a low-key and laid back album, all songs are peacefully smooth and pleasant filled with mesmerizing and soulful compositions.

The first track “From Grace” is beyond beautiful. The opening soft guitar riffs draw you in as his melodic vocals take over. It’s a very wistful, floaty love ballad that would make for a great “couple’s” song. The next track, “Love Story,” follows the love theme, but isn’t as soft. Dybdahl’s voice is bit heavier, as are his guitar strums, but they’re nonetheless tantalizing.

“All Is Not Lost” perfectly depicts his ability to create emotion-invoking arrangements. The percussion provides great support to his passionate vocals that seem as if they’re ready to belt out keys at any moment, but that lyrical explosion never comes. It really puts you on the edge. “B A Part” is a pop-ish tune that is highly addictive, with its introduction hums and fast-paced guitar riffs infused with his deep voice. You’ll actually find yourself humming along towards the end.

In essence, Songs is a great album to listen to when you just want to chill or are doing work and need some relaxing background tunes. What’s great about the album is that none of the songs ever seem to feel overwhelming or forced—they all just stream naturally together, making for sophisticated and balanced arrangements. Thomas Dybdahl’s Songs is definitely a great collection of songs for this rising star’s debut to the world.

Words: Kristie Bertucci


Artist: Thomas Dybdahl
Album: Songs
Label: Decca Records
Release Date: July 12, 2011

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