Hot New Music: The Hundred Days “Really?” — Album Review

If you’re a fan of The Killers, Franz Ferdinand or The Bravery, then The Hundred Days should be in rotation through your indie rock playlist. The San Francisco-based indie band has released their freshmen LP Really? a 10-track album that’s filled with influences of alternative, punk, pop, electro and more. While the aforementioned, The Hundred Days reflect the same musical vibes from their early careers, making for a very enticing album for fans of the genre.

With their name a reference to the mighty Napoleon and his last days of emperor, as well as how long it took the guys to agree upon the band’s influences and sounds, the group consists of Jon Smith (vocals), Jimmy Chen (guitars/keyboards), Brett Zadlo (bass) and Colin Crosskill (drums). The guys have been perfecting their magic for the past two years, with Really? a true example of what happens when albums are well thought out and aren’t rushed.

“Girl at A Party” has some serious grimy undertones and are filled with indie rock attitude thanks to its relatable lyrics about picking someone up at a park. Think She Wants Revenge, but not so dark. Band title-track, “The Hundred Days” features soaring guitars and flirty vocals that make for a rhythmic dance rock favorite. “Disaster” changes up the feel of the album with its softer beat and soulful vocals, but it still has an edge. It sort of has this vibe that’s reminiscent of The Cure’s early work.

The album’s lead single, “Sex U,” is the album’s real gem (you can download it below). With a very sexy and steamy video that pulsates with booze, girls and late-nights, topped with electrifying beats and synths, the track is highly addictive. It’s definitely a steamy, shake-that-ass number you’ll want to gyrate to until you sweat.

Mixed with catchy dance floor jams, melodic and moody tunes and grimy rock-infused anthems, Really? will quickly become one of your most played albums, with The Hundred Days your new favorite band. In essence, the band just wants to “be part of you life,” as expressed on their Facebook page, which is exactly what they’ll become as soon as you give their album a listen.

Words: Kristie Bertucci

Artist: The Hundred Days
Album: Really?
Label: popantipop
Release Date: August 17, 2011

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